Franklin Raines’ Month Long Tour of East Asian Horror: Because I Felt Like It

Seeing that it is October and all, I believe that you good girls and boys out there in Internet Land deserve a little extra from me this month. I will be posting more Horror reviews (do I really need an excuse, no; not really), I will present to you a month filled extra bonus of Horror goodness. I have narrowed by selection process down to just what comes out of East Asia, because all the Russian Horror films I want to watch are far too expensive for my budget. So be prepared for films coming from South Korea, China, Thailand, and Japan, and obviously do not expect to see Britain’s Pinhead or Sweden’s Eli anytime soon.

In doing so, we are changing up October’s schedule so that all regular posts will arrive on Tuesdays, where the parts of this special will show up on Saturdays. After that, things will go back to the usual five-day schedule.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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