About the Writers

Children of The Blazing Fist is a review blog maintained by Alexa Camaganacan and Franklin Raines, youths who have fire in their hearts for media. While not as active as the old days, Children of The Blazing Fist currently exists as a deep back catalog of critical reviews of various forms of storied fiction, including the writings of Alejandro Hajdar and Francisco Garcia Fuentes. The original idea was to never try to be topical, with the idea that a review of an anime from 1993 has the same long shelf life written in 2003 as it would in 2013. If an out-of-print comic from 1998 is hard to find, but is worth reading, then knowing it even exists is important.

Bound together with their early love of anime, manga and comics, and film, these youths of media strive to discover new (or at least new to them) works that fascinate them. With a “I have no idea what the hell this is about, but I’m damn sure going to give it a look”, attitude, they drive into the future with open minds and hardened spirits.

All of us do panels at anime conventions in the local Dallas, Texas area, so check us out.




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  1. Is this blog still active? Just found it today and like the mix.

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