HELP!!! Skin Crawling Comics needs your attention!

Hey internet, Franklin here.  I wanted to take the time to divert your maniac attention to a friend’s project that she has been working hard on called Skin Crawling Comics. A horror comic anthology that has even my jaded ego interested! Skin Crawling Comics takes it’s horror execution by way of creepy atmospheres and unsettling dread against intestine filled fluff (I love both, but it’s easier to praise something akin to Jacob’s Ladder then to most of what mainstream horror has become). Even as a marketing student, I still hate to advertise something that I could not relate directly to everything you readers are into. But a ton of you guys are all about general-to-underground comics, and since I personally believe we here at Children of the Blazing Fist have an audience (if a small one) of readers open to checking out new things outside of their wheel-house, I believe you folks could dig Skin Crawling Comics.

I also added the names of the top people involved, specifically keeping in mind connecting to the other media you guys engage in.

Rachel Pandich (Manager/Editor/Writer):

Paul Chapman (Writer):

Gerald Rathkolb (Editor):

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