Dirty Pair Flight 005 Conspiracy Review: Perpetually Single Women Ahoy

1990’s Flight 005 Conspiracy was directed by Toshifumi Takizawa who also directed the Crusher Joe’s OVA’s and Blue Remains. Character design was done by Tsukasa Dokite, who also worked on the Dirty Pair anime and oh boy, I haven’t heard this name in a long time, the bizarre hentai Cream Lemon (link is SFW).        

Flight 005 Conspiracy involves Kei and Yuri investigating two seemingly unrelated cases involving an exploded space flight and a missing researcher. What has started as a strange case quickly evolves into an interplanetary conspiracy, involving organized crime and an experimental compound named Ignoal fluid. While they are at it, they receive the help of handsome detective Danny and grizzled grandfather Dick, who is looking to save his daughter and grandchild. All of whom are endangered by the crossfire of an intelligence agency split between factions of government and previously mentioned organized crime in the form of Dirty Pair mainstay Lucifer.

The problem with Flight 005 Conspiracy is the story with its information and clues. Delivered far too quickly and with almost no breaks, the progress of the mystery did not allow me to put the pieces together on my own. As such, this conspiracy cannot be called a proper mystery, which I am starting to think was never intended in the first place.

The animation was hand-drawn and pleasing to the eye, though I do have a small qualm with the character designs. All the noses have this weird patch of color that may have been meant to illustrate depth or a shadow, but it just looks like every character put on an adhesive bandage on either side of their nose. Again, it is a minor detail, but I still felt it should be addressed. Something else I did like about the animation was that lasers produced a visible piercing wound instead of just making a weird knockback effect as I am used to seeing.

Something I did not expect from Flight 005 Conspiracy  was I found myself liking the interactions between Kei and Yuri more than I care to admit. Sure there is nothing original or deep about their characters, masculine and feminine women as well as female cop teams have been around for as long as I can remember, but the two worked together well enough that I did not mind the fact that they were shallow, unintelligent, inappropriately dressed, or just have no apparent luck with men.

Pros: Fun, silly, and for the most part does not take itself too seriously. The two main characters work together rather well and never bore. The action scenes are well done and only shy away from the most graphic of scenes, like say, exploding heads (headshots are fair game though).

Cons: Clues and information are given out so quickly that viewers can hardly keep things straight in their heads. The plot only moves because it is dragged along by strange twists. Kei’s hair is terrible, it would look awful on a man, and it is a monstrosity atop any woman’s heads.

Quite frankly, it is hard for me to say whether I would recommend this OVA to someone. If you want a fun sci-fi cop show, go watch it this instant. But I made the mistake of treating it like an actual mystery, and paid the price for it. I enjoyed it at various instances, and it is by no means an awful OVA, but if someone were to claim that I only finished Flight 005 Conspiracy because of the constant sight of cleavage, I don’t think I could deny the accusations. Dirty Pair Flight 005 Conspiracy simply is not to be taken seriously, on any level.

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