So Guess Who Just Accidently Deleted All Of The Comments?

Well Internet, it was bound to have happened sooner or later. After spending the last three-to-three-and-a-half hours writing an article, I felt the need to sort through our comments section. It appears that whenever one of use links back to either someone else on the site or even our own posts, Word Press will count this effectively as a comment.  I tend to delete these, but I guess I missed a few so in the process of what I thought was removing the comments directly from the trash, I was actually sending all of the comments from the real comments folder to the trash to then removed from the trash folder. People that manage Word Press comment sections are familiar with what  I address.

Bottom line, if you have ever commented on this site, thus been involved in perhaps creating discussion in regards to what we find, I hereby apologize for my human error. I know for a fact that we have seen an original creator chiming in before and I myself have met in person another commenter, but I just feel that I cut our life blood by mistake. Let me speak for the writers of this site when I say that your feedback is the biggest part of the reason that we do this and to have that digital evidence removed oddly startles us. I will make sure that all efforts will be made to retrieve that data, and if that does not work then I promise that I will set up better percussions for this in the future. Thanks for your understanding.


Children of The Blazing Fist Co-Founder and Head Writer Franklin Raines

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