Bad news with a hint of good

Unfortunately Alex and I were not able to get together to do the first review (Alex was in the hospital for two days), so that first review won’t show up until Tuesday. But I’m free until Monday so I will be posting a review or two to finally get this train-wreck-a-rolling.

We have a few reviews in the pipe line: I am revisiting Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage just a little more before I work a review in for that, we’re watching Death Race 2000 for Alex’s review, we are setting up our first two books reviews (I just finished Larry King’s “My Remarkable Journey” and I am still feeling this Biography kick. Let’s just say that my first review might be about a man with a chin that can “kill”), and that Urusei Yatsura review will be showing up first.

Plus, we are getting together with our good friend Matt to do an The Illusionist (2011) review and a future review of the new Sean Bean film, Black Death.


Time changes all things, and this blog is no exception to that rule. I went on a huge shopping spree and now I more than enough stuff for both Alex and myself to review.

Now this is where it gets a little messy. The review of The Illusionist (2011) that our friend Matt was going to do didn’t happen; Matt forgot to write down notes and found himself not able to do the film justice. I mulled it over and worked with what I had. See I was planning on doing a review on the movie Milk, with Sean Penn, but thought that Matt’s focus on acting might come more in handy than my focus on special effects. So I basically had him work on the review, something he should finish after the fury of his future play subsides.

Black Death is also having a hard time getting a theater by us, so that will also have to wait.

Update 2: Black Death is playing in Dallas on a Friday that Matt has the play. I worked it over again and I decided just to sit him down with another film from Magnolia’s archive. Personally, it also gave me a blank check to do a review of the film Chocolate (which looks amazing). I considered an ultimatum, since Matt and I have been talking about The Thing for about a month now, I was thinking about all three of us doing a review each of John Carpenter’s Apocalypse Triology. Consisting of The Thing, Prince of Darkness, and In the Mouth of Madness.

Also Alex’s review of Death Race will be up today. His first review and the first for the blog. I am working on a review of both the AD Police manga and anime, which I should have finished by Friday. That Hokuto Musuo review should also be up then. I have half of it done, I just need to finish it and edit it.

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